Talking with Theatre Geeks

2010 January 20
by Chris

I had a chance to sit down with a newer podcast called Theatre Geeks and explain myself, my summer and why I think Shakespeare is still okay for community theatre.

Whereas my last interview with RSC was more of an overview of the entire summer, I got a chance to discuss with Dave and Marcia and John some of the more pointed questions that sometimes centered around “Why?” If you like theatre and especially the idea of community theatre, these are three people who have some things to say and ask.

Thanks to Dave for inviting me, to Marcia for not allowing me to call her “Ma’am” and to John for the hospitality of using his home for the recording (he claims he didn’t say much during the taping). Good people and check out their site and their podcast.

Here’s the link:
You Can’t Get Enough Shakespeare?

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