Now what?

2009 December 5
by Chris

The summer experience of seeing all of Shakespeare’s plays is long over (since the end of August), now what?

Not a bad question.

I’m currently finishing the write-ups for the rest of the summer plays. I haven’t been posting those “stories” of the plays on the site here as my priority is to get them written first and at least do a read through or two. I have been bringing these “days of 40plays” to my writing group and they seem to agree with me: the experience is somewhat interesting and the writing isn’t bad. So, and I think I’ve alluded to this in the past, I’d like to try one or two these write-ups on a wider audience and if that seems to go in a positive direction, pitch the whole she-bang as a book.

Aside from delusions of aspirations, I am looking to present at our state reading association regarding Shakespeare in the classroom (and how we can save the bard from the damage we as English teachers have done to some pretty good plays). I’ll be sure to post any of the writing or resources on this site.

Beyond that, I would like to continue spreading the word of Shakespeare and of the arts and of the incredibly talents troupes who serve their communities by providing quality Shakespearean performances year in and year out. Kudos to you folk, really.

Until my next post, we’re surprising the boys next weekend. More about that later.

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