Henry VI Parts 1-3 (a marathon read)

2009 August 11
by Chris

This is an open-invite for any who are in the Goshen, Indiana area: come and read Henry VI with us!

Bring your Riverside Shakespeare (that’s been sitting on your self since your undergrad years) and join us in the fun of reading Shakespeare aloud (you can take that however you want). We have a few copies of the plays if you don’t have your own.

Because of some logistical issues, we’ll do all the reading at our house at 626 S. Third Street, Goshen (Google maps, et al is a bit off…just look for the green two-story with the cool-looking turret). The schedule is fairly uncomplicated and you are in no way required to stay for the whole day or for an entire play. Come as you are and leave when you may.

Schedule (estimated):

  • Henry VI Part I: 8-11 am
  • Henry VI Part II: noon-3pm
  • Henry VI Part III: 4p-7p

If you’d like to swim a bit, bring your suit and a towel (a very useful thing to have with you wherever you go).

Thanks for coming out and if you have any questions, call or DM on Twitter (vergil66 or 40plays40days) or leave a comment here.


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