Pericles (Hudson Vly Shakes, NY)

2009 July 16
by admin

This began my MidAtlantic leg of the summer (5 plays in 6 days) and a drive to the Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival was eventful (well, if you think stopped construction traffic on I-80 in Pennsylvania an event). The drive into New York and into the Hudson Valley is really breathtaking and the grounds of Boscobel are equally impressive. And the play of “Pericles”? A moving story of a King on the run who faces many tragic events in which the gods eventually yield and allow for a happy ending. The production itself was impressive and unique as the grounds it played upon and yet was entertaining and just plain fun in parts. This was my first experience with “Pericles” and I am reminded of the stories of “Cymbeline” and “The Winter’s Tale” and Tuesday’s “The Tempest” in that “Romance” category that my Riverside Shakespeare has created outside of the three basic categories of Shakespeare’s plays. And like the production of “Cymbeline,” the rain came in the last scenes and did not not hold up the performance.

Tomorrow: “Titus Adronicus” at the Black Friars in Staunton, VA (opening night, me thinks).Mobile post sent by vergil66 using Utterlireply-count Replies.  mp3

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